Rachel Horwood

Rachel Horwood 23.09.15

How can it be nearly a month since I last posted!? I guess I will be wrapping up on here soon, but anyway Bamboo had a video made by the Amazing Eothen Stearn and here it is!

Rachel Horwood 27.08.15

Trash Kit is going on a mini tour in Spain and Portugal at the beginning of September so here’s a poster I made!


Rachel Horwood 26.08.15

I have been away for most of the last 2 weeks and I don’t have a “smart” phone so thats why I haven’t posted for a long time! Trash kit played at Supernormal festival, I really enjoyed Laura Cannell

and Karen Gwyer

As soon as I got back I flew to Italy and stayed in a little wooden hut in the Tuscan countryside. I wanted to do some painting but I could only afford pencils.

Tuscany1 Tuscany2 Tuscany3

then after I got back from Italy Trash Kit played at another festival up in Scotland called Doune the rabbit hole ! So I have been doing a lot of communing with nature.

Rachel Horwood 03.08.15

One of my favourite films is about a traditional style of Korean singing called Pansori. I read somewhere that Pansori singers go through an intense period of training where they must spend a time in the countryside with minimal food and sleep focusing on only singing, and often sing until their throats bleed. Theres a kind of myth that one singer sung in a cave under a waterfall until the sound of his voice was louder then that of the waterfall. I like this romantic Idea of ones commitment to their art and I wish I could be more committed sometimes. I think this Idea is somewhat reflected in the sound that Pansori singers make with their voices which often has quite a harsh quality.

So here is a link to the full film, hope you enjoy it!

Rachel Horwood 27.07.15

I’ve only got a few more days left on here and I haven’t posted as much as a would’ve liked, I’ve just been a lot busier then I anticipated. This weekend I was working at the Liberty festival which was pretty interesting but very tiring. I’m currently reading The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula k. Le Guin. I’ve been meaning to read her books for a long time and finally I’ve got round to it! I don’t know how to write about that right now so here’s a little sketch I just did.

lathe of heaven

I also like this piece of writing she wrote as the Introduction for a book of essays by Murray Bookchin.

Rachel Horwood 25.07.15

Child among the weeds By Lal and Mike Waterson

What a song!

Rachel Horwood 22.07.15 (2nd post of the day)

New song!

Dragon doodle
dragon thing

Rachel Horwood 22.07.15

Beautiful Video by one of my favourite guitarists Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa

Today I have a Trash Kit Practise, other Rachel will be off on tour with Shopping so we’re trying to start getting material together for a third album before she’s off for ages : (

Rachel Horwood 19.07.15 (part 2)

Hannya 2

hannya notebook

Played with Rozi again on Friday at Latitude and did some drawing on the train.

Rachel Horwood 19.07.15

Photo on 19-07-2015 at 18.17

Today I got an awesome early birthday gift! Its called a Khaen or khene, its the national instrument of Laos but this one is from North east Thailand where its also quite common.


Here’s a painting I did so you can get a better Idea of what it looks like, this one has 14 pipes made of Bamboo, I’ve been doing some research and apparently you call these Khaen, Khaen jet.  I’m going to try and work out how to play it this week and maybe I’ll record something and post it on here! For now here’s a video of someone playing it very well!

Rachel Horwood 17.07.15

one of my favourite songs

Rachel Horwood 13.07.15



Rachel Horwood 12.07.15

Yesterday I played a show with my Friend Rozi Plain , at the Dalston music festival.  I often accompany her on electric banjo and do some singing.  So here’s a video I made a few months ago for her excellent song jogalong.

I’ve been a lot busier then I thought lately but I’ll be posting a lot more this week so keep your eye out!

Rachel Horwood 07.07.15

I am up very early as I’m off to catch the Eurostar to play on an album my friend Charlene Darling is recording.  I actually better go!

Rachel Horwood 03.07.15

I’m beginning with an end.  Last year I started recording an album with Nick Carlisle also of Peepholes and here’s a little bit of that album along with a little video I made.

It contains footage from what is probably my favourite anime revolutionary girl utena, I don’t want to go into that right now as I think it will just turn into a mess of words but I will elaborate more on that tomorrow.