How did you start Ravioli Me Away?

Sian: I had marmite on toast that morning, I had a shower and took my dog for a walk and then a bit later on I met up with my friends Alice and Rosie and then someone said, shall we start a band? and someone else said yes and then we all said in choral unison like they do in all the famous musicals ‘we’ll call it ravioli me awaaaaaaaaaay’ and the curtain came down for the next scene.

The performative aspect of your sets is very distinctive. You always come out on stage dressed up as different characters: who are these characters and how do they relate to your sets? 

Sian: We are the universal man/woman. We are representing everyone which ultimately means we are representing no one – a no one that everyone can relate to. If you are trying to be exactly like one person they will always point out the differences and won’t relate to your impersonation, but if you try and be like everyone they will say….’I’m one of a kind but I’ve seen someone like that around’.

What’s the relation between your sets and acting?

Sian: Hollywood glamour, oscar nominations and the best plastic surgeons in the world.

Do you expect a reaction from the public? if yes, what do you expect?

Sian: Record sales dammit! And ALOT of clapping and free drinks.


Your lyrics are often about everyday experiences like for example being unemployed in Imagination, or being Hit By Love – I think it’s really interesting how you question the relationship between what is ‘real’ and what is fictional and how you deconstruct situations, social and gender roles, languages… In relation to this, how do you make your songs? & where does your sound stand within this?

Sian: These are just everyday observations that everyone has. I think our songs are a bit like TV jingles for life, after all we are selling an idea – although most of the time the ideas aren’t traditionally commercial. Like all good products our song making techniques are patent protected so I can’t tell you about that.

How do you define your aesthetics?  

Sian: Schussing nda bjjgs jkdfj jkccppmm

How does living in London inspire your songs & aesthetics?

Sian: All creatures great and small live in London and there is a lot of cerebral stimulation, but I think we definitely have a fascination with the suburbs and all things mundane.We love to visit boring and conservative places, it makes us feel special.


Your first album, The inevitable Album, came out last summer, what have you been up to lately? and what are your future plans?

Sian: Hhhhmmm this sounds like a thinly veiled ‘pull your finger out’.

You’ve got a point – I keep telling the others…pull your finger out, your holding back my career, if they where working to my military style schedule we would have had a Christmas number one by now….but what can you do? Like a land artist I’ve got to work with what I’ve got.

One last question… why this name? why ravioli?

Sian: Why Valentina? Did you ever ask your parents?

Like three over protective mothers of a weird kid we have to protect our child even if the big boys make fun of him cos he’s different.

Ravioli Me Away are Sian Dorrer, Rosie Ridgeway & Alice Theobald.

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