K. is a digital producer based in London and is going to be the first writer-in-residence in April. I’ve asked K. to introduce herself –


“Geographer” currently working with art and digital things. Influenced by passionate artists/curators/makers, aka friends (and more than likely some strangers), who each have their individual complex imaginaries (it feels important to write that). You end up with a person who right now is genuinely excited to write for a month, as often as she can, about place (both physical and digital), art and connectedness.

I’ve not really done this before so it has the potential to be quite terrible. Apologies in advance. You can look forward to a ramble/stream of consciousness.
No different from at the pub then.
The image below will hopefully be a good place to start.
Gaspar Gasparian, Untitled, 1946, Gelatin silver print 50.5 x 30.2 cma. C. Gaspar Gasparin/Courtesy Eric Frank Fine Art, 2015
1940s Rio.
Gaspar Gasparian took this shot. He aimed to find breaks of composition. If anything, these images were experiments, the possibility of new ways of looking.
Follow K.’s Residency here

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