Maestrodascia aka Federico Coni, is a Sardinian designer and artisan based in Ales, in the region of Marmilla, Sardinia. ‘Maestro d’ascia’ is the name used in the past for the carpenters who were particularly skilled at making boats. Federico inherited the art of carpentry from his granddad and dad, then after graduating in industrial design in Rome, he started his own practice taking over his old family workshop. Stemming from the world of childhood, Maestrodascia’s works are influenced by different artistic languages such as that of Collodi, Jacovitti, Hieronymus Bosch, Fortunato Depero and Eugenio Tavolara. The idea is to make objects of design using recycled wood and that look like puppets, toys and also are living characters of contemporary Sardinia.

efis proj 2


Eleonora d'Arborea


sacerdote e sacerdotessa



Mestrodascia is one of the artists of Boghes: an artist collective working with local communities through educational activities and public interventions that explores the use of natural elements and materials. From 4 to 6 September Boghes is in Marrubiu, Sardinia, with a series of workshops on the themes of linen, cane, wind and sound.

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