Curating the City – Vittoria Caradonna


I’m Vittoria nice to meet you, I’m so glad to be here. I was a bit scared in the beginning about doing a residency,  because there is nothing more daunting than filling up a space with your own words, trying to push stuff out from your blank brain onto a blank page. It doesn’t happen when I write for work — if it did as an always pressed for time PhD student I would crumble. And yet, when I try and write in my real human voice all the self-doubt that I easily push on the side during my day job, comes roaring back in.

Anyway, it’s too late now. Welcome to my residency, during this time I will try to make sense of one of the many code words popping up in my field of research: Curating the City. When I started my programme its title felt like an innocuous enough combination of words: maybe good, maybe bad, maybe marketing… whatever. But as I progressed, it started to symbolize all the roadblocks and all the emptiness. It started to haunt me. But what does it even mean? Are you curating your city?

I guess we’ll find out together, little by little, post after post.


the river IJ in Amsterdam during a ‘field trip’ expedition

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